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Stephen Epler Hall

This LEED silver student housing project was intended to be a model of sustainable design. The project includes a rainwater harvesting system that collects water from the roofs of the Epler Hall, King Albert Hall and the impervious surfaces of the plaza between the two buildings. The water is used for flushing toilets and for irrigating the landscape.

The water harvesting program was intended to be both a prominent and engaging design feature as well as a functional system. Rainwater collects on the rooftop and cascades down visible downspouts into splash basins filled with blue river rock. It then spills onto the plaza through decorative scuppers and exposed Belgian block runnels that carry the water across the plaza and into a series of walled basins filled with wetland plantings. The water is filtered through these water quality basins to remove sediments before filtering through a layer of sand in the lowest basin where it is collected and sent to an underground 5600 gallon cistern.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Owner: Portland State University

Architect: Mithun

12210 SW Main Street, #230273, Tigard, OR 97281 | phone: (503) 224-5238 | email:
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