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Sure you need a paycheck, but that's not enough. You chose a career in landscape architecture because the need for creative expression is fundamental to your existence. You need projects that will give you some personal satisfaction. You have seen the design work on this website and you know that Atlas can provide opportunities for exciting employment, but you want to know what the work environment is like. Who would you be working with? Will you enjoy coming to work every day?

We are also concerned about that. We are proud of the work that we have done so far but we believe that our best work is still ahead. We are always looking for creative people who will fit in well with our team to help us do what is yet to be done. If you'd like to explore the vast untapped potential of creative endeavor with us, send your resume and work samples to:

Nick Wilson
12562 SW Main Street
Suite 210
Tigard, OR 97223

12562 SW Main Street, Suite 210, Tigard, OR 97223 | phone: (503) 224-5238 | email:
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